5 Awesome Android Utility & Productivity Apps You Probably Don’t Have

Boasting over 700,000 apps, Google Play is a place where it is not that easy to find apps. While a few hundred apps are lucky enough to be features on the prominent category pages of the app stores, all the other apps are hidden from your view. Consequently, there are several fantastic Android apps that have a big fan following, but which are not as popular to the general user as they should be. Here, we take a look at seven wonderful Android apps that you probably do not have.


although we live in a world where smartphones and tablets are supposed to be replacing PCs and laptops, we are most comfortable using Microsoft Office tools. Unfortunately, there is no way of getting them on Android mobiles. Actually, there is a way, and it is called CloudOn. Not only does this app let you access Microsoft Office files, but it also lets you edit and share them them. Through this service, you will be able to perform most of the tasks that you can on your computer. And by sharing the files to all your cloud networks, you can resume working on the files from other devices anytime!

Some of us may not want to go to our PCs once we have smartphones in our hand, but for most others, this is a a very handy app. Using this app, you can remotely control your PC through your Android device. GoToMyPC has a simple and friendly interface that makes the task of managing your PC simple and easy. You can zoom the images 300%, you use special shortcuts, you can encrypt the data, use special keys and generally use a number of useful features to control your PC securely.

Onavo Extend
Onavo Extend is a cloud service that works as a proxy and compresses all Internet data. Most of us spend hours on social media, YouTube and other sites where we need to stream, upload or download a number of images. By compressing all the data, Onavo Extend can help you get as much as 5 times more out of your data plan! Although its compression feature turns high definition to low definition, you can disable it any time.

Your Android phone will happily remember your passwords for Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter, but when it comes to lesser-know websites, it will insist that you fill the form again and sign up every time you restart your mobile. With LastPass, all your login troubles will come to an end. This app will remember all your passwords, and you can use its autologin feature to log in with any site in a single click. And yes, you won’t even have to worry about remembering all your passwords – just remember the password for LastPass and you can access any site using this super-secure app.

Droid of the Day
As we noted earlier, there are tons of apps on Google Play, and even an awesome app may never make its presence felt, owing to all the clutter. If you are an app lover and would like to try out new, wonderful apps on a daily basis, this is a must-have app. Droid of the Day will notify you with a unique app every day. The apps it suggests are worth taking a look at as they are based on suggestions from the Android community. And although this app is free, you won’t have to put up with any annoying ads.

Wrapping up
These are some of the most useful apps for your Android mobile. While most of us are aware of powerful productivity and utility apps like SwiftKey and CamScanner, there are dozens of other high-quality apps hiding on Google Play that are not as popular. It is always a god idea to heck out new apps – there are several lesser-known Android apps out there are offer incredible services.. Did you ever stumble upon and fall in love with unknown apps? Please share some of your favorite lesser-known Android apps in the comments.

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