Android Unveils Latest Version of OS ‘L’ At Google I/O

Google showed its expertise and brilliance at the I/O by releasing many extraordinary applications. As Google released Android ‘L’ (5.0) version and displayed some carving features, it has now set a high standard to redefine technology. Company’s Vice-President, Sundar Pichai said that, “It is the most comprehensive release by the company till date.”


Material was something special at Google I/O. All the android lovers were stunned by the design and animations of the Android ‘L’ version. Its UI is very simple and it is more vibrant than 4.4 version. Now let us se some more special features of this latest version:

Lock screen notifications:
Notifications have been improved a lot with new interface. Now you can visualize all the notifications on the lock screen itself. If there are more than five or six notifications, you can see the notifications that are below by swiping the screen upwards. If the notification is unnecessary, you can remove it by swiping it sidewards.

Redesigned keys:
The new keyboard and the dialer app will have a new look with pop-ups and some animations. Whenever you click on the dialer pad, the shadows left on the numbers are something special to experience in this Android ‘L’ version. There are still many features that were not revealed at Google I/O.

Vibrant Colors in Gmail:
With the release of this version, Gmail has become more futuristic and has been modified a lot. It will be interesting to see how the designs change. It is clear that now you can have three different windows for primary, social and promotions. You can now visualize all these features in vibrant colors.

Answer or reject call while gaming:
Gone are the days when the game got stopped if any body called you. With the Android ‘L’ on your device, when you are playing the game and if any one calls you, there will be a pop-up on the top of the screen. You can continue with the game by declining it or accept the call. This feature was most liked by the viewers present at Google I/O.

This latest version of Android is just named as ‘L.’ There are rumors that it can be named as ‘Lolipop’. With this, there will be a need of some specific apps and most of the developers are looking forward to develop some fantastic apps.

Lets Nurture, an android app development company, is eagerly waiting for this version to be out in the market so that they can start working on it. They have already created many applications for android users and client based work.

These are some features that were unveiled at Google I/O. Keep watching for more latest news about Android ‘L’ version.

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