Sunday 19 November 2017
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Busting 8 Myths about Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has evolved and it is not that simple that it once used to be. With a bigger audience and wider range of channels for connecting the consumers, digital marketing has become a complex process. Thus, a lot of aspects of digital marketing are filled with misconceptions and myths that make marketers take wrong steps which end up messing their marketing strategies. Also, as digital marketing is a relatively new thing in this field, a lot of people are dark about the actual truths about digital marketing.

If you want to be successful in your digital marketing campaigns do not fall for such myths. Here are 8 such myths that may lead you to on the wrong path.

  • Digital marketing should be a small part of your business plan.

Many organisations think that digital marketing is just a support channel through which only a small audience can be reached. That is why they prefer to make digital marketing a secondary option in their business plan.

The Truth: Nowadays a majority of the customers are going online and the increasing interactions in social media networks mean that more people are searching for information about products online. If a company’s online presence is not properly maintained, hi the competitor’s market strength will be leveraged.

  • No proper strategy is required for digital marketing

It is often said that businesses should not spend much time on digital marketing as it does not require any strategies. You just need to have a good website and the traffic will come on its own with little effort.

The Truth: It is very important to have proper strategies for digital marketing. It is not easy to build online reputation without having any tactics.

  • Digital marketing is for only small and medium businesses

It is only small and medium businesses that need digital marketing as they have to build their brand visibility. Big businesses already have a reputed brand image and therefore should not waste time in online marketing. They should be more focussed on other important aspects of marketing.

The Truth: With digital marketing, big business can get insights to customer behaviour and perform data analysis to increase their market and target the right customers. They can even learn about their customers’ buying preferences.

  • Digital marketing can be done by even an intern

Looking at the fact how the young generation are digitally educated, even a fresh graduate should do the job. It does not require you to hire expensive professionals to work out on your digital marketing strategies.

The Truth: Even though a fresh graduate might be able to handle it, remember that your voice in the public is in the hands of an inexperienced professional. Even one mistake can cost you a ripple of bad reputation. So you should not think twice before hiring an experienced professional who has already handled such situations.

  • You can handle social media on your own

If you are already in Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, you can handle your business page on your own. You do not have to bring in experts in the field to do the job.

The Truth : Social media pages of businesses are not your personal profiles or opinion boards. So you have to have perfect knowledge about the customers and their requirements. If you post something offensive, that will be the end to your brand reputation. So it is better if you leave it to the professionals.

  • It does not make sense as the competitors are not into it

One of the biggest myths is that since the competitors are not into digital marketing, it makes no sense to venture into that area. You will be subjected to a lot of risks and this may cost you too much.

The Truth: You should take this as an opportunity to move ahead of your competitors. Since your competitors have still not ventured into digital marketing, it will give you an opportunity to expand your market without any competition.

  • Any type content will do

The website just needs content and does not matter on how relevant it is for digital marketing. You just have to fill the website with pages.

The Truth: Good quality content which is relevant to the targeted customers is important for great digital marketing. Also search engine ranking algorithms like content that are unique and original. So, high importance should be given to content creation. You should hire good content writers to make your website stand out from your competitors.

  • My industry does not need digital marketing

It is one of the wrong conceptions that businesses have. Many thinks that their industry is not related to online marketing in any way or is too boring to accommodate it.

The Truth: Every industry has a set of targetable audience, no matter how niche it may be. So if you are not doing online marketing you are losing those customers.

Digital marketing is increasingly becoming important and you cannot ignore the fact that it is going to be essential for both well-established and growing businesses. So bust these myths mentioned here and do your digital marketing fresher job with more vigour.


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