Sunday 19 November 2017
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Major SEO tactics you need to know in 2016 !

SEO is dead. We have been hearing this statement from the pessimists for the last 5 to 10 years. Guess what, it isn’t. SEO is definitely not dead. Time and again, SEO has adapted to the changing scenarios and come up with redefined strategies to stay relevant in the social media dominant era.

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Keeping up with the latest trends, the following are major SEO tactics we need to focus on in 2016.

Mobile ready website

In 2014, the number of mobile internet users has surpassed the number of desktop internet users. Now more than ever, mobile is crucial for online visibility. Ensure your website is mobile ready by having a responsive design of your website. Create simpler, more focused product pages with emphasis on products popular with mobile users.

The aim is simple. To give mobile users the same optimum experience when they visit proper desktop websites.

Rich answers

One of the huge changes in the Google algorithm is the increase in rich answers. According to a study by Stone Temple Consulting, Google returns rich answers to 35% of search queries now a days. This is expected to grow further.

Google uses external data for 75% of the rich answers and includes a link to its source. This means if you have unique, high quality content that can answer some of the unique questions then your page will be on the top!

rich answers

Longtail keywords for the win

The best bet of ranking high on google is long tail keywords. This is because short tail keywords have fierce competition and are nearly impossible to rank in search engines. Google is already displaying the most relevant data for short tail keywords. Hence it is best to go for long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords, as the name suggests, contains long sentences designed to mimic what someone would search for organically. To design long tail keywords that rank well, you have to go through the process your customers go through. You have to mimic the conversations they are having and then create long tail keywords that align with those conversations.

The rise of voice search

Siri in Apple, Cortana in Windows already help users navigate with voice search. Google has also come up with voice search for their website and devices. With text based search you will type something like “PVR Cinemas” and you click on the address to find out its location. With voice based search you’ll say “Where is the nearest PVR Cinemas?”

Voice search will be marked by use of the question words: Who, What, Where, Why, and How. These are the search terms that will define our changing search patterns on mobile devices. The rise of voice search can be attributed to the increasing popularity of mobile search and to make the search engine more proficient, saving the consumer both time and effort.

voice search

These are the major SEO tactics we need to focus on in 2016. Mobile search out numbers the desktop search and it has become crystal clear that mobile is the future of digital marketing. We need to think “mobile” in all our digital dealings and have a mobile marketing strategy in place.

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