Sunday 19 November 2017
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Mobile Marketing Terms need to Know

Having a supercomputer in our pocket is the second nature of the today’s youth. Today, more number of searches on Google are from the mobile rather than the desktops.  An estimate has stated that there are more number of mobile handsets than the people on the planet. And, it is the outcome of none other than the ANDROID. Even you can consider it as an illustration of the mobile growth in the world. Now, there are more than one billion Android users across the world.

Your phone, tablet, your wrist, in your car, in your living room, everywhere, ANDROID can be seen and the most amazing part is that you roam amidst this mobile operating system ambiance seamlessly. With all of these new places and devices for people to use Android, the developers have more opportunities to build some more fantastic and unequaled mobile apps. Such remarkable revolutions, undoubtedly, will lead to the mobile marketing.
Mobile Marketing: It is not as simple as to roam hither and thither in the market and advertise the product. It is very far beyond the traditional strategy. It is actually a pioneer yet effective trend in the market which offers a very personal kind of interactivity for relationship building with your prospects. Mobile marketing is literally a cost-effective approach. Such short and precise codes can be used by an organization in its on-going promoting strategies and certainly, they are worthy and valuable components in the prevailing ambiance.

Yet, before stepping into this wide mobile marketing world, it is quite vital to learn some mobile marketing terminologies.

  1. Aggregator: It is an organization that acts as an intermediary between the application and content providers and mobile carriers. Plus, it offers the message traffic throughput to multiple wireless operators or other aggregator.
  2. ASO (App Store Optimization): It is the process to refine your app store listing page to enhance your app’s visibility. Key features include optimizing your app’s title, selecting the relevant keywords and earning the high user reviews.
  3. App Versions: Android keeps evolving the updated version of numerous apps, and when you will update the previously installed app, a new version of your app has come in order to get access the latest features or bug fixes.
  4. App Monetization : Monetization is actually the term related to money and same in the case of the mobile apps. It’s how you make money from these apps.
    • In-app Messaging: These are the nurturing messages sent to the users whilst they are using their app. Such pop-up messages allow for more customization and design compared to the conventional push notifications.
    • In-app Purchase: It includes the upgraded version of an app, from a free to pro, embedded with more enhanced features or a gaming app you will buy with more levels and upgrades.
    • Charge for your app: The users pay to download your app.
    • In-app Advertising: Third-party apps are advertising to your users.
    • Banner Messages: These types of I messages or we can say the push notifications appear at the top of the user’s screen and diminish after a few jiffy. Many of the users are already experiencing this amazing feature in the mobile
    • Lock-screen messages: It is the other type of push notification and same as the banner alerts as the lock-screen messages also don’t require the user action. It will disappear when the user unlocks his phone. It can actually be seen when the users start their phones or “wake” the phone up from sleep mode.
    • Geotargeting: Wherever an individual will go, his mobile app will be there to show the path. Targeting the users based on their current location and sending the app messages relevant to where they are, is another parameter in the mobile marketing world.
    • Mobile CRM: Mobile CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the tool to maintain the interactions with the customers or the app users. Mobile apps are so intuitive and so as this tool for managing the relationship.
    • Wearable Tech: Google glass or a smart watch is the significant illustration of this wearable tech. This is the actual growth in the technology. Now, you can wear on your body also.

Beacon, Micro-content, Segmentation, IoT (Internet of Things), CSC (Common short code), CPI (Cost per install) and much more… Actually, the list never ends.

It’s hard to predict but for sure, this year will bring some more new revolutions in the mobile marketing industry.

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