SEO Budget In 2014: Why It Needs to be Scaled Up?

Year 2013 is going to end soon and we are at the stage where SEO seems more of a necessity than a desire. Companies cannot simply do away without SEO strategies in place. The changes in the world of SEO push companies to make changes to the allocated budget as well. With Google updates shaking SEO efforts of many companies, there is a dire need for digital marketers to upgrade SEO efforts and thus increase budget.

You may be wondering why there is a need to increase budget in the next year when you can make changes to existing strategies. Well, mentioned below are few reasons to get you thinking on the same line:

  • Content Marketing has to be Perfect

The rules of the game have changed. The recent Hummingbird update by Google had made things different from what it was earlier. While content writers could publish a 500 word blog it is not so now. To rank well in Google, writers need to write content of minimum 100 words. Since Google has adopted a conversational approach to search queries, content has to be informative and valuable.

  • Poor Backlinks will Kill your SEO

Google algorithm updates have made it quite clear that no poor backlinks will be tolerated. Strategies to get backlinks like article spinning, keyword stuffing, duplicate content, etc will not work. Thus, companies need to focus more on getting quality inbound links which may take more time and efforts.

  • Number of Social Networking Sites

The world of social media has plethora of social networking sites and each one is being used by number of people. It has become imperative for online marketers to mark their presence on different social networking sites. This requires companies to hire a dedicated resource who can manage social media full time or outsource it to SEO firm.

  • Smartphones are on the rise

With changes in technology almost every day, it has become important for marketers to consider mobile based website.

The above mentioned points have come up as a result of our observation of changes in SEO world. Companies need to scale up their SEO budgets in order to rise above their competition.

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  1. The resource consuming part of content marketing is not necessary the length of the article but the quality of it. Great article. I think you’ve nailed down the main reasons why we all need more funds for content marketing. Also let’s not forget the increasing number of firms that get inside of this game, each day.

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