Sunday 19 November 2017
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Try To Generate Leads With Your LinkedIn Profile In 2016!

2016 is near to come, and expert optimizers still living in a virtual world, although it’s their job and they need to be live in the virtual word to get connected and to get active virtually (online), but time has to be changed in near future. In coming year 2016, SEO specialists need to focus over social platforms to convert potential users into a valuable customer through Lead Generation.


Social Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have a different potential to convert a user into customer, but as like all, they also need attention, quality and continuity.

According to different experiments and surveys, it’s identified that LinkedIn, the world’s best and largest professional network, has everything that a business needs to promote themselves, such as – huge following, quality pulses, professionals from different domains and industries, sales campaign facility and so on.

In coming years, experts needed to convey their information through social platforms rather depending over typical SEO strategies, which becomes past soon. So, it’s better to understand what a business needs to learn or how they can use social profiles for their businesses and how SEO specialists can use it to generate leads.

Lead Generation using LinkeIn

Here, I try to reveal some tips that can help an expert to use LinkedIn as a Lead Generation technique in 2016. Keep looking at them:

Beginning works well

Always try to complete your profile by keeping it simple but attractive. Provide specifications, experiences, works, skills and projects to all the members presented on the platform. Along with that choose a more specific personal URL for your profile, it will help others to know you more. It also lets them curious to know more about you and your services/products (especially for the businesses).

Fair Introduction

Keep yourself frontier and try to connect with others as soon as possible, that’s the major step for better presence and more connections. Don’t feel shy or nervous, just keep out contacts of different users, you want to be in connection, message them personally in a quite interesting but prosperous way. This way keeps you in touch with them and make your presence more valuable.

Be in part of Discussions Actively

A healthy discussion always leads to a better path and it makes you popular in the associated groups or circles. LinkedIn also has lots of niches to communicate and to answer different questions, it’s a great way to explore and to help others with your knowledge.

LinkedIn Discussion Group

By continual efforts and active participation in different groups and communities, businesses can grow their followings and can convert most of them into a customer.

Personalize your search for connections

Who needs your service (targeted audience) is the main objective of a business and businesses always work according to that criteria. What happen if I let you know that you can search connections according to the preferred keywords?

Personalize your search for connections

That’s possible, by using Boolean search practices on Google, everyone can easily find out specific connections on different platforms, i.e. try on google – “” AND (“keyword 1” or “Keyword 2”) and press enter, all matching results will blow on the screen.

Use to be in touch with connections

Never neglect a single message you got and always try to connect with your connections by sending them personalized praises, wishes, offers and general messages. Sometimes it looks like spam and irritate them, but most of the time it works well and connection shows interest in your profile.

Another way to be in touch with them, is checking who visited your profile and sending them a personalized message. Even you can search connections with same interest and most probable source of conversion.

Even reminding them about your services and products and by asking questions through status updates, you can attract your connections to contact you about it.

Leads by campaigning

Just like Facebook, LinkedIn also has a feature of Sales campaigns, which allows you to collect leads directly. By creating multiple ads, you enhance your chances to get more leads.

Linkedin Advertisement

Never let down

Do not take it as an entertaining or time passing activity, be active to get connected, to attract users and to convert them into customers. As most of the users uses different social sites to get connected to others and to spread their knowledge by publishing continual posts, sharing status and sending personalized messages, you can get a chance to attract them and convert them into a lead. And this can only happen by actively accessing LinkedIn.

Connect with Twitter

LinkedIn allows you to connect your account with your Twitter profile, by allowing this feature you spread your reach and chances to get more visits to your profile. Even it increases your chances to get leads through LinkedIn.

connect with twitter

Write continual quality pulses

Quality always leads in all areas either it is hardcore offline marketing or virtual online marketing, things that matter is the continuity. How regular you update your profile by writing quality pulses and sharing it publicly, separates you from the crowd and makes your presence stronger. So, be a regular writer and write quality pulse at least one per week.




Never wait for next time

It’s a human tendency, we wait for the second chance, but most of the time it doesn’t work well according to our proposal. So, it’s better to attack at the right time with correct resources. This strategy makes you conscious and attentive to your audience and boost your stamina to reach your visitor and search for what they looked at you, resolve it and convert them into leads.

New Year always brings some hope and successes along with bad times, but we need to be focused and dedicated towards our goals. This focus helps us to convey right things at the right time, which is the most essential thing in Lead Generation. So, in the coming year 2016, try to generate leads through LinkedIn and beat your competitors by leading ahead from them.

Be alert SEO specialists, don’t let your moral down in the coming year, hope for the best and do whatever you do with the quality and continuity.


About Author

Anurag Gupta loves to write on different topics to make his audience more comfortable while reading. He loves to play with words and write on different domains, now he has come with his recent research on “Lead generation through LinkedIn”. Keep enjoying this write up! And make your valuable feedbacks socially at: Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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