Sunday 19 November 2017
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How To Promote Your App On Facebook?

Developing and designing a mobile app could be a complicated process, and once you are done with working on it, it is great to see users downloading your app and using it.

But there are plenty of apps in the app stores which never come into the limelight, and this happens solely due to less promotion. If people aren’t aware of your app, they cannot download the app, which might imply your determination and hard work goes in vain. Hence, you need to promote your app well and what better than social media to promote it?

Facebook is one such amazing place for marketing your app, and having that as the core point, we will tell you about certain steps essential to market your mobile app on Facebook.


How to begin?
Basically there are two different ways you can take when you want to promote your mobile app on Facebook.

# The official way
A lot of people choose this way and find success by harnessing the strength of Facebook to endorse your mobile app via paid advertisements. This includes registration of your mobile app with Facebook, creating a social page for your mobile app, finding the potential audience, and designing your app advertisements. Facebook will connect to you and talk you through the whole process. However, you need to ensure that you cling onto your initial budget and not get tempted to raise the bars.

# The Lone way
You could still effortlessly harness the strength of Facebook without actually creating an advertisement one the social network. This could be very quickly done if you followed these steps;

#1. To begin with, create a page on Facebook for your app
You need to ensure that there are plenty of information and details on the page. You can make use of screenshots of the mobile app, and also a call to action in the header image and it would definitely aid in making your app visible. You must also ensure that you frequently keep posting things on the Facebook page. There are programs for scheduling, in the market, which will let you time your posts on Facebook well in advance. So, you needn’t log onto the account every now and then. But it is a great idea to open up the Facebook page at least a couple of times a day to ensure that you are interacting with people who are posting on the page.

#2. Provide the option of In App sharing, along with a bonus something for doing it
This may aid you in promoting your mobile app to a large number of members on Facebook without needing to create a mobile app. You can just set your mobile app with general opportunities for sharing progress, or seek lives if at all you are marketing an app based on games. This would boost your current customers to share the app with their friends, thereby enhancing your reach.

#3. Join Facebook groups and promote your app there
You need to properly think about the target market you are aiming at, and what they would be trying to find on Facebook. Once you are done with that, you can join groups relevant to their requisites. Later, you can post quality contents that are highly engaging, needn’t always be about the app, and develop a relationship between other group participants. Ask those people about their opinions on your mobile app, and also talk on the types of apps they usually like. If you interact with your target audience well, you will be put in a good position to know what they are fond of, and you can later use the data to market your mobile app even better.

#4. Create a Facebook group of your own and invite others
Connect to the participants in your Facebook group and establish a relationship since they are possibly going to use the app if they personally like the one who developed it. You could make use if your group to present discounts on purchases made inside the app, or also competitions to share and like the statuses you put up. Listening to those people who put up things on your group will provide you a clear idea of how to tweak your app to fit into the target market. Besides, it will also inspire you in making further developments for other new apps of yours.

Few of the amazing apps, too, were slow paced starters on this platform. Consistently posting things and spending time looking at who is installing your mobile app, and later focusing on this niche would help you greatly in the long run. You would certainly need time to do it all, but patience pays!

Sachin Sharma is working with Allurive, a user interface designing and branding studio where ui designers focus on providing best experience for web and mobile.

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