Sunday 19 November 2017
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Key Features of iOS 10

iOS 10 update is on the cards and is going to be released very shortly. Apple has upgraded iOS 10 Beta4 public and Beta 5 for developers. Check what is new with the iOS 10 key features.

Apple’s iOS 10 development for iPads and iPhones live up to its number of software version. Once you read our outlook of the new update, you will know it is full of major changes to cater to your daily tablet and phone routine. You needn’t worry much as all these new features are great and you can download these newly developed iPhone apps for free.

Check the features that the Apple iOS developers have added during the app development.

Key Features of iOS 10

iOS 10 can be installed on your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone given you do not own an ancient iPhone or a tablet which uses the dock connector with 30 pins or an iPod touch that is older. This is where Apple is making a clear distinction. The upcoming mobile OS is not going to support iPhone 4S, iPod touch of the 5th gen or an iPad 2. This doesn’t come as a surprise anyway.

No slide to unlock
Apple has restructured the lock screen of iPad and iPhone and has come up with the first revision to the lock screen since the very first iPhone. The slide to unlock feature is gone and what you have now is “press home to open”. What is included is a fix to the issues of getting past the lock screen notifications if you touch the home button of TouchID. This comes as a good solution since it has been seen on quite a few android phones such ad Google Nexus 5X and Google Nexus 6P. This is the hit feature of iOS 10 that would revise your everyday iPhone routine.

Better lock screen notifications
You will observe that the notifications are fragmented into bubbles this time and it uses the 3D Touch to display menu actions that are otherwise hidden. You just have to long tap on an invite alert of a calendar and you would be allowed to decline or accept it. You May Like To read About 3D Technology.

The iOS 10 notifications that are 3D Touch enabled will work better with the messages. You could instantly respond to the received messages the moment you pick your phone up, without having to exit from the lock screen. It is all made inline. You do not even have to dig around your home screen and those layers of menus to look for needed information. If you have got the notification of a doorbell camera, you can view who has arrived and use your intercom to unlock your door.

Clear notifications
What could be the best revision to the notifications of iOS 10 is its ability to clear out the old notifications using 3D Touch. Swiping or dismissing them away one after another is time-consuming and iOS 10 cuts it out. You just have to long tap on the tiny x icon within the notifications that is redesigned and pull down the menu to tap on the ‘clear all’ grid that is shown. You tap it once and you dismiss all the notifications.

Water sensing
Your iPhone might not be waterproof but Apple tries and makes it easy to prevent plausible water damages with the help of this update. This software allegedly sends an earning message for unplugging the lighting cable that is at the bottom of the device if it detects water. This iOS 10 updates would be handy as water and an iPhone that is on don’t really go well together.

Live broadcasting
IPad and iPhone gaming will get note social and credits must be given to the latest ability of live broadcasting apps in apps that support Replay kit. This could be deemed as a great deal for not just games buy also for How To guides and Coding tutorials.

The control center is simplified
The feature of Swipe up from bottom control center menu has got a fresh look which aids in decluttering the layouts in iOS 10. This is something which the Apple users always wanted. It again has 4 app shortcuts at the bottom, namely stopwatch, flashlight, camera app and calculator and takes Night shift and Beagle to a larger spot over the quartet.

Lockscreen Camera
It is now simple to turn on the camera in iOS 10 as the sliding of the lock screen automatically turns into the camera application. This is a shortcut that has been seen on various Android phones and makes it easier for you to access the camera.

We have no idea how much the app development cost but since they have put hard efforts in creating iPhone apps like these, we can rest assured they are going to reap in great profits!

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